Saturday, 25 August 2012

Back to reality ..... Almost!

Well, if anyone noticed I was absent, I do have a note! I was/technically still am on my jollibobs! I will bore er I mean regale you with my fantastic (non) adventures when I get home. For now, you get me, using mobile blogger for first time, typing from a brand new Travelodge we have stayed in on our way home. A family sleepover in which I pretended my 18yo was 16 in order to get us one night in one room at the Billy bargain price of £35!

I've been trying to read a few of the posts on the blogs I follow, but my favourite hobby of commenting isn't brilliant using a phone. Normal service will resume :-) .

Whilst we've been away, I've also had the stress of securing the Uni Accommodation for my clever girl.

I'm going to try and upload a photo now of the sunrise the other day, the view from our apartment. Living on the West Coast this is something I don't get to see, so whilst we've been pointing East, it was a pleasure. I wonder if any of you can guess where we have been. No passports were used during this vacation!

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  1. Obviously you were in Yorkshire. This is how the sun rises every day in God's own country! (Scotland, by the way has been annexed and is officially a part of Yorkshire... but we didn't bother to actually tell them.)